1) Can you change the color of my bathtub & tile?
Yes! We can change from whatever color you have, to any color. We carry all manufacturer colors, so we can match your old tub and tile to a new fixture.

2) Can you fix a crack in my fiberglass tub?
Yes we can. If the crack is in the bottom of your tub, we can install an inlay. The inlay will seal the crack and add support to the floor of your bathtub.

3) Do you need to see my bathtub?
If you are having just your bathtub reglazed we do not need to look at it to give you an estimate. Go to our price list on this site and you can see our standard prices.

4) Does my drain have to be removed?
No. Usually by the time you’re ready to refinish your bathtub your drain has been in place for many years, so removing it and replacing it can be quite a job and may cause other damage. We do ask, however, that you remove the overflow.

5) How long before I can use the new finish?
You can use the bathtub and tile 24 hours after the work was completed.

6) What if my tub was refinished before?
We can still refinish your tub. In most cases we must remove the old finish before applying the new one. Because of this there is an extra prep charge.

7) What should I use to clean the new finish?
We recommend using a non-abrasive cleaner, such as Lysol Tub & Tile Cleaner. Since the new finish has a very high gloss, there is no need to use abrasive cleaners.

8) How does this compare with a bathtub liner?
The finish we apply to your tub is much harder than that of a bathtub liner or insert. Also, our finish is bonded directly to your tub, there are no air pockets such as is the case with a bathtub liner. Thus, no moisture can develop which in turn will lead to mold and mildew growing between the bathtub liner and your tub. This can cause a very annoying odor.